Banish ingrown hairs and
razor burn in just 3 easy steps

<p>Banish ingrown hairs and <br/>razor burn in just 3 easy steps</p>

We all know how painful ingrown hairs can be, especially in the intimate area. Essentially, these pesky little things occur when hairs curl up and get trapped beneath the surface of the skin - leading to itchiness, soreness, red bumps, discoloration or acne.

Razor burn may seem less awful than an ingrown hair (since no permanent scarring can occur) but while it’s not aesthetically impairing like an ingrown hair might be, razor burn comes with its own set of problems that may manifest, especially on sensitive skin.

If you experience unpleasant razor burn and ingrown hairs frequently, let us show you how to take matters into your own hands.

But first, let's talk about razors.

A dull razor means you will have to run it over the same parts of your skin multiple times in order to get a successful shave. The more you shave over the same area, the more irritated your skin becomes, resulting in painful bumps and razor burn.

...Or even worse, if the razor is rusty and has old skin cells and hair stuck around its blades, these nasty particles may be pushed deep into your pores and cause more serious irritations.

Key lesson here is: Use clean, new and sharp razors as much as possible - your skin will thank you.


1 Prepare

Before you begin shaving, make sure your skin has a smooth protective layer against the razor, to avoid the blades cutting or irritating it easily.

DeoDoc Pre-shave oil will not only nourish and protect your skin, but will also help soften the hair for easier trimming. Simply wet the area you want to shave and massage a few drops evenly into the hair. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes before shaving.

You can buy DeoDoc Pre-shave oil individually, or as part of the famous Shaving Trio kit which will save you $10 in the process and you get everything you need for smooth skin without ingrown hairs, irritation or burns.

2 Shave

As mentioned, a barrier between the razor and your skin is essential, but it doesn’t stop at the Pre-shave oil. Using anything other than a foam (shampoos, creams, shower gels) could damage the skin and cause irritation and bumps.

When looking for a good shaving foam, gentle ingredients are crucial, as those containing harsh chemicals can irritate the skin, which will only worsen after shaving.

As a brand known for intimate care products developed by women doctors and gynaecologist, we’ve made sure that the formula of our Shaving Foam contains healing agents that hydrate and soothe irritated skin while providing an extra layer of protection against cuts.

Apply the Shaving Foam on top of the oil so that the razor glides comfortably over the skin and gives a gentle shave without irritating. Just like the Pre-shave oil, the Shaving Foam can also be purchased individually, but also as a part of the Shaving Trio kit.

3 Aftercare

Once you're finished shaving your intimate area, it's time to care for and nurture your skin so that it remains at its smoothest. Protecting sensitive skin from irritation is essential, and this can be achieved by applying a moisturizing balm post-shave.

Aim for nourishing balms made with soothing ingredients, such as naringenin & chelidonine, as they keep irritating ingredients at bay - perfect for anyone who shaves regularly!

Our After Shave Balm is an excellent addition to anyone's routine because it offers lightweight hydration, in addition to soothing agents. This provides relief from both razor burn and any discomfort caused by ingrown hairs. Over time, this balm also slows down and inhibits hair regrowth, so there are multiple benefits of using it.

Additionally, if ingrown hairs are your regular visitors, you can use this Ingrown Hair Exfoliator to gently remove dead skin cells preventing hair from getting trapped under the skin’s surface.


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DeoDoc is the first intimate care brand founded by women doctors. Its founders, sisters, Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi struggled to find a gentle, suitable care routine for the delicate intimate area, so they decided to take the matter into their own hands and partnered with Dr. Gunvor Ekman Ordeberg who has over 50 years of experience in improving women's health.

The result is an array of gentle, 100% vegan, allergen-, alcohol- and paraben-free products which care for the delicate intimate area without stripping it of its precious oils or causing an unbalance of its microbiome.

The Shaving Trio kit is a bestselling product, available in Fragrance Free and Fresh Coconut.

Now, let’s get rid of those nasty
burns and bumps!

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