The first intimate care brand founded and still run by female doctors and gynecologists.

DeoDoc was born out of a sheer need for a better solution. Sisters Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi along with Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr. Gunvor Ekman Ordeberg, are creating the change they want to see as the first and only intimate care brand founded and run by women doctors. The trio is breaking taboos and empowering women with knowledge they need about their own bodies. The founders and the brand are multi-awarded within the wellness space and was recently honoured as a WWD Wellness Power Player in June 2021.

Intimate Skin Care is our expertise

Our Story

Hasti came to her older sister, Dr. Hedieh, for advice when she noticed that she was experiencing intimate odor. She had spoken with her OB/GYN only to be told nothing could be done. Hasti then tried resolving the issue herself by using the products available on the market which led to additional issues. 

Dr. Hedieh had a breakthrough "aha moment" when she referenced her medical books to help her sister find an answer. She discovered that the same sweat glands that exist in the armpits, also exist on the vulva. They are called apocrine sweat glands and they empty into hair follicles and can cause odor. 

Armed with this new information, Dr. Hedieh consulted her previous professor, Dr. Gunvor, to develop a solution. Together, they also found that the existing intimate care market had not evolved for over 40 years. It was permeated with incorrectly formulated products that were either made by men or large pharmacutical companies.

Grounded in Medical Expertise

As sweating and the smell of sweat is individual, there is no right or wrong for what suits each individual. However, since apocrine sweat glands are located in the vulvar area, Dr Hedieh And Dr Gunvor noticed that many patients did not feel that water was a sufficient alternative (just as many people do not think that water alone is enough to wash the armpit, which also has apocrine sweat glands). With the desire to take responsibility and be able to give patients a different answer than "just use water", DeoDoc created the products they themselves wanted to exist - safe intimate skin care products developed by women doctors for people everywhere.

Dr. Gunvor Ekman-Ordeberg

Dr. Gunvor, DeoDoc's co-founder, has worked to improve women's health for over 50 years. Her research over the years has resulted in two new drugs. One that provides pain relief during child birth and the other is an anesthetic gel to reduce pain during interventions in the uterus and cervix (e.g. IUDs and biopsies).

“Based on my 50 years of experience as a practicing gynecologist, I’ve met countless patients that have expressed many concerns about intimate sweat and subsequent odor. In my personal opinion, safe intimate skincare products developed under the supervision of doctors should have been available on the market a long time ago.” 

Dr. Gunvor Ekman-Ordeberg, OB/GYN, MD.,PHD. 

Professor of OB/GYN at Karolinska Institutet