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Summer Essentials

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This summer's must-have products! In addition to the bestselling Intimate Shaving Trio and our newest launch, Ingrown Hair Exfoliator - this kit also includes our popular Daily Intimate Wash and Intimate DeoWipes. Exclusive online offer only.

Included in the set:

  • Pre-shave Oil, (Fresh Coconut, 1.0 FL. OZ)
  • Shaving Foam (Fresh Coconut, 3.4 FL. OZ) 
  • After-shave Balm (Fresh Coconut, 1.0 FL. OZ) 
  • Daily Intimate wash (Fresh Coconut, 3.4 FL. OZ) 
  • Ingrown Hair Exfoliator (Fresh Coconut, 1.4 FL. OZ)
  • Intimate DeoWipes (Fresh Coconut, 10 wipes) 


Science based

Made by gynecologists

Made in Sweden


Doctor's Corner

Ever experienced red spots, ingrown hair or itchiness from bikini area shaving? We have! It is also something we’ve noticed among our patients. We can send people to the moon, but did not have something to help women safely and properly shave their bikini areas?  It took us 2 years to develop arevolutionary 3-step shaving kit that gives you the softest shave and after care possible.The pre-shave oil prepares the hair and protects the skin against the razor. When combined with the Shaving Foam, the razor glides seamlessly and a smooth shave is maintained.  Finally, the after-shave balm if the best inpost-shave care, formulated to instantly soothe and moisturize skin after hair removal. It also reduces inflammation, ingrown hair and itching. When used regularly it will help delay hair regrowth, keeping skin smoother and softer for longer.