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Cotton Liners

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Ultra thin liners made of 100% organic cotton - and nothing else! Top sheet and core are both made of super soft organic cotton, making them breathable and gentle on your most sensitive skin. Designed to be barely noticeable when wearing them. 

24 individually packed liners/box.

  • No plastics or synthetic materials
  • Developed by women doctors and gynecologist
  • 100% biodegradable 

-Developed by female doctors

-Gynecologically and dermatologically tested

-Free from allergens, alcohol and parabens

-Made in Sweden

-100% vegan

How to use

Open the liner package, remove the paper on the backside and place the liner on your underwear with the glue facing down. 


Top sheet + core made with 100 % organic cotton. Biofilm layer, wrap and adhesive; compostable and biodegradable.

Science based

Made by gynecologists

Made in Sweden


Doctor's Corner

Studies show that 15% of women’s OB/GYN visits are due to irritation caused by menstruation care products. The primary cause being pads and panty liners produced from synthetic fibers and plastic. As doctors, we recommend to avoid plastic and synthetic fibers in contact with your most intimate skin. Therefore we recommend using menstruation care products made by 100% organic cotton.