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Cotton Tampons

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Breathable and naturally absorbent tampons made of 100% organic cotton - and nothing else! The soft cotton layers give an ultra comfortable fit and are designed to prevent fiber shedding inside of the vagina. Made without plastics & synthetics, which keeps your vagina and the planet plastic free. 

With a biodegradable cardboard applicator.
Regular Flow - 16 per box
Super Flow - 14 per box - 100%

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • The outer packaging and the product is 100% biodegradable


    -Developed by female doctors

    -Gynecologically and dermatologically tested

    -Free from allergens, alcohol and parabens

    -Made in Sweden

    -100% vegan

    How to use

    Place your thumb and your middle finger on the ribbed part of the applicator.The index finger is placed on the base of the applicator. With the other hand,gently open the vaginal opening. Insert the applicator 1-2 centimeters (0.5 - 1 inch)into the vagina while holding the ribbed part firmly. Push the applicator base with your index finger until it stops (works as a syringe). The tampon is now in placeand you can gently remove the applicator.


    100% Organic Cotton


    Science based

    Made by gynecologists

    Made in Sweden


    Doctor's Corner

    Studies show that 15% of women’s OB/GYN visits are due to irritation caused by menstruation care products. The primary cause being tampons produced from synthetic fibers and plastic. These fibers can shed, leaving fiber residue inside of your vagina that can cause irritation. As doctors, we recommend 100% organic cotton tampons; however, many organic cotton tampons still shed, so we created our own. DeoDoc’s 100% organic cotton tampons do not shed due to a special 100% cotton netting surrounding the tampon to ensure complete safety for your vagina and an irritation-free period.