Cotton Liners


100% Organic Cotton Liners.

Did you know that the majority of liners on the market are made out of plastic and synthetic materials? As synthetic material does not breathe, moisture and odor can occur which leads to irritation in the intimate area (vulva). Your vulva deserves better.

Therefore, DeoDoc's team of women doctors has developed a liner of the highest quality, where the top sheet + core is made entirely out of organic cotton. The soft and breathable cotton fibers are gentle on the skin and help minimize irritation. For ultimate comfort, the liners are thin and flexible allowing a barely noticeable feel. Comes in individually wrapped packages for hygienic and convenient use on the go.

DeoDoc is proud to offer your vulva the liner it deserves, made without fragrance, herbicides/pesticides, dyes, viscose (cellulose fiber) 

24pcs per box.

Open the liner package, remove the paper on the backside and place the liner on your underwear with the glue facing down. 
Top sheet + core made with 100 % organic cotton. Biofilm layer, wrap and adhesive; compostable and biodegradable.
Made with non-bleached cotton
No plastic in contact with sensitive vulvar skin
100 % biodegradable materials and 100 % vegan
Hypoallergenic & non-irritative
Clinically tested & unscented
Made without viscose/rayon
Dr. Gunvor Ekman-Ordeberg & Dr. Hedieh Asadi

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