The Doctor's Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Intimate Areas This Summer

The Doctor's Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Intimate Areas This Summer

Summer is the season of beach trips, poolside lounging, and enjoying the outdoors. But these summer joys can also bring challenges to our intimate health. From dealing with the heat to swimming in the ocean, how can we ensure that our intimate areas stay healthy and comfortable? In this blog post, we've gathered the top 5 tips from our doctors on maintaining a healthy intimate area this summer, without any discomfort or irritation.

Allow Your Intimate Areas to Breathe!

Go panty-free when sleeping - forgoing underwear at night can help your intimate area breathe and lessen the risk of yeast infections.

Choose Gentle Intimate Care Products:

While the vagina is self-cleaning, the vulva isn't. Regular soaps are not suited for the pH balance of the intimate areas. They can also contain common perfumes and allergens that may cause irritation. Opt for an intimate soap specifically formulated to maintain the vulva's natural pH balance (pH 5), such as the DeoDoc’s Daily Intimate Wash.

Wear Cotton and Loose Clothing:

Your vulva and groin, like your armpits, have sweat glands and can sweat. Especially in the summer, the heat and humidity can increase your susceptibility to yeast infections. Avoid tight clothing and choose underwear made of at least 95% cotton to promote breathability. If you tend to sweat a lot, consider specially formulated intimate deodorants like DeoDoc’s DeoSpray. It can reduce sweating and provide a fresh feeling all day long.

Use Oil for Dry Mucous Membranes:

Tight clothing, cycling, and frequent swimming can irritate the sensitive mucous membranes of the vulva. Friction against the intimate area, such as from sexual activity or cycling, can also promote yeast infections. Yeast thrives in conditions where small cuts or cracks are present. As doctors we recommend using oil on the vulva to prevent dryness and cracking. The nurturing Calming Oil from DeoDoc is composed of natural plant oils and soothes and moisturizes dry mucous membranes.

Change Out of Wet Underwear and Swimwear:

Hot weather and damp swimwear raise the risk of yeast infections, which flourish in warm, moist conditions. Avoid remaining in wet swimwear for long periods and have a change of clothes on hand. 



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