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Tired of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and red bumps? We were! That is why DeoDoc's team of women doctors developed our Intimate Shaving Trio for a silky smooth shave! This revolutionary trio preps, shaves and soothes the bikini area without typical post-shave irritation.

For best results, combine all 3 steps and and a sharp razor.

May take up to 14-28 days for visible results of reduced hair growth. Important with regular use for a lasting result.

Includes: Pre Shave Oil + Shaving Foam + After Shave Balm

Fresh Coconut
- A sweet yet tropical blend of creamy coconut

Before & After

Studies have shown that the ingredients used in our shaving series reduce hair thickness and slows hair regrowth over time. The below images illustrate the effect over two months of use.



Products in kit

Pre-Shave Oil

Shaving Foam

After Shave Balm

The perfect shave without ingrown hair

Step 1: Pre-Shave Oil

Creates a protective layer against the razor

Step 2: Shaving Foam

Creamy intimate shaving foam for optimal shaving glide

Step 3: After-Shave Balm

Anti-inflamatory balm specially developed to prevent ingrown hair

Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Dr. Hedieh Asadi Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Co-founder DeoDoc

    Doctor's Shaving Tips

  • 1. Use a new razor

    The newer razor the better shave. Make sure to change the razor often.

  • 2. Use a men's razor

    Men's razors generelly have more and sharper blades.

  • 3. Shave with the grain

    If necessary, finish off shaving against the grain.

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