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Two Sisters and a Fantastic Idea.


Let’s be honest: armpits are not the only body parts that sweat. Many women have problems with intimate area perspiration and worry about odor. We both did, and after personally struggling with unsatisfactory solutions we decided to do something about it. We created the products we ourselves wanted to use: luxurious intimate skin care products that are gentle but they actually work!

Dr. Hedieh Asadi & Hasti Asadi



100% Vegan friendly

For Women By Women

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  • Sneak peek from Hankyu Osaka 🇯🇵! Wish us good luck - tomorrow is the launch 🌸🙌🏼 #bywomendoctorsforwomeneverywhere
  • Nicole Falciani X Deodoc 🌼 “Tuscan Summer” limited edition - We only have a few left in stock so make sure to get yours now 💕✨ #nicolefalciani #deodoc #intimateskincare #lyko
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  • We are very happy to be working with a market leader like Sephora In Germany. “DeoDoc is created by women doctors for women everywhere, and we couldn’t have a better exclusive partner than Sephora to bring our products to women in the german market.” 🇩🇪 #sephoradeutschland #intimateskincare #deodoc
  • We are proud to announce that you now also can purchase our “Fresh coconut” series at @violetgrey 💜🌸 Check out our instastory to read more about what they have to say 💕 #intimateskincare #deodoc #violetgrey #deodocinusa
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  • About a week ago - When we organised a “Vagina Brunch” for our ladies 🌸 And @mahalosthlm made the most beautiful & delicious brunch for us 😍✨ #deodoc #intimatecare
  • Intimate Calming Oil - our newest addition to the DeoDoc family! Our team of doctors have carefully selected Super Oils known for their soothing & moisturizing properties. Like a bodylotion, but for your Vulva 😉👌🏼💎
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