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Two Sisters and a Fantastic Idea.


Let’s be honest: armpits are not the only body parts that sweat. Many women have problems with intimate area perspiration and worry about odor. We both did, and after personally struggling with unsatisfactory solutions we decided to do something about it. We created the products we ourselves wanted to use: luxurious intimate skin care products that are gentle but they actually work!

Dr. Hedieh Asadi & Hasti Asadi



100% Vegan friendly

For Women By Women

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  • The delicate bikini area needs gentle products. Our Shaving foam is specially made by gynecologists for hair removal in the sensitive bikini area.
  • It’s about time to re-educate and take proper care of our vulvas! #loveyourvulva
  • Armpits aren’t the only thing that sweat... Luckily, our Deospray works for both your armpits and intimate areas! #developedbydoctors
  • With over 50 years of clinical experience as an OB/GYN - Dr. Gunvor’s insight creates the safest and most effective intimate skin care formulations.
  • We are so excited to be featured in Violet Grey's Female Beauty Entrepreneurs! We believe every woman should feel educated around how to care for their intimates and we are honored to be able to highlight our mission and share our tips for a healthy vagina and vulva! ✨ #loveyourvulva
  • #vaginadialogue: Your vulva should have a healthy pH of 5! Disruption of the pH can cause vaginal discomfort, rashes, and unwanted smells.

See where the healthy pH balance lives:
Lemon: pH 3
Vagina: ph 3.5 
Vulva / DeoDoc products: pH 5
Water: pH 7
Other intimate washes: pH 8-10
  • It’s time to start feeling the #vulvaenvy 
  • #vaginadialogue: Cotton allows your intimate area to breathe freely. We recommend your underwear is at least 90% cotton.
  • Feeling good starts with your vulva. Our intimate calming oil is like a spiritual experience for your vulva and is also perfect for menopause #developedbydoctors
  • With doctors spanning generations, we wanted to create a brand that understands the aging conditions of the female anatomy. @allthenudes_
  • September is Menopause Awareness Month! Our intimate calming oils and cleansing oils are perfect to prevent irritation and dryness during menopause. #menopauseawarenessmonth
  • Hello silky skin! Feel the difference after just one use of our After Shave Balm - a formula developed by real gynecologists!
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