Start-kit 3-step Shaving

Pre-shave oil + Shaving Foam + After Shave Balm

To get the best result for your hair – you use shampoo, hairmask and conditioner, right? The same goes for our 3-step shaving; using all 3 products gives you a the most silky smooth shave ever. To get you started, and to give you the chance to get the perfect shave – we have a special price for you.


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- + How to use

Step 1: Wet the desired shave area with warm water. Place a pea size into palm of hand and massage evenly into the hair. Wait 2-3 minutes before applying DeoDoc’s shaving foam on top of the oil, then shave.

Step 2: Shake well before use. Wet skin and apply an even layer of foam on top of the pre-shave oil onto the desired shave area. Shave. Rinse off. If irritation develops, discontinue use. Protect container from sunlight.

Step 3: Apply 3 pumps instantly on shaved area. For best maintained result, apply twice a day; morning and night or when itching occurs.

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