Why does your vulva’s pH matter?

The pH is a measurement of how acidic or alkalic a substance is. The outer parts of your intimate area, your vulva, has a pH of 5. Normal soaps and shower gels have a pH of 8-10, which can cause dryness and vaginal discomfort.

pH - The Basics

pH is a level from 1 to 14 which determines whether a solution is acidic or alkaline (a base). In skincare, this is key when creating formulas. Why? Applying a product with the wrong pH you can easily disrupt the skin’s normal protective barrier and can cause several side effects such as irritation and discomfort.

pH levels - Vagina and Vulva

  • Vulva pH5

    Vulva pH5

    Has a pH of 5 and is slighty acidic.

    The vulva should be washed with a gentle intimate wash with the correct pH.

  • Vagina pH3.5

    Vagina pH3.5

    Has a pH of 3.5 and is acidic.

    The acidic environment prevents infections. The vagina should never be washed and it is self cleansing through discharge.

Topic: Douche

Never ever douche!

Douching will disturb the pH balance in the vagina and will cause much more harm than you think. By disrupting the pH level, you can cause intimate odor, irritation, and many other problems.

“Dr. Gunvor, I never wash or douche my Vagina but still experience pH imbalance. Why is that?”

Very good question! First of all, you’re not alone.

The vagina’s pH system is very delicate and can be disrupted by many natural circumstances. For example, your pH can be disrupted by menstruation, since the menstrual blood has a pH of 7.4. Similarly, sexual intercourse can also disrupt the pH balance since semen is slightly alkaline with a pH of 8.

However, if you experience ongoing problems, I suggest you meet your OB/GYN

- Dr. Gunvor Ekman-Oderberg, M.D., PH.D