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Learn how to treat your lady parts like a Queen!

The Perfect Shave

No more red spots and razer burns – we teach you how!

pH Level

Easy guide to pH levels and why it is important!

Do’s and don’ts for your hygiene down there

DeoDoc was created in order for you to have the opportunity to be able to feel and be the freshest version of yourself. However, too many women have no idea what’s going on “down there” or how you take care of it the best way – that’s why we want to help.



but you don’t only shower your armpits with water to get them clean now do you? Therefore we recommend the use of an intimate daily wash that has a pH of 5.


the external vaginal area, and do it gently. No need for a hard scrub ladies.


touch of daily freshness – use DeoDoc’s intimate deodorantspray. If you’re on the go, use the wipes instead – they’re both cleansing and keep you odor-free.


Lace underwear look great, but save them for more special occasions. Instead, use cotton underwear – it makes miss down there to breathe a little easier so it doesn’t get tight and sweaty.



regular shower gels or soaps to wash your intimate area. These products have a pH of 8 which is waaay too high. Remember, the external vaginal area has a ph of 5 so using products with a ph of 8 will destroy the natural pH-balance and cause unwanted smell, irritation and vaginal discomfort.


up into the vagina! The inside of the vagina has a pH of 3,5 and can cleanse itself, so there is no need for water or an intimate soap IN there.


or use any regular perfumes or bodylotions in the intimate area. That’s vaginal suicide!!!


Washing the intimate area too many times a day will ruin the natural pH-balance, and thus cause vaginal irritation and discomfort as a result. You also might experience symptoms like discharge with odor, and trust us – you don’t want that.

The revolutionary 3-step shaving


Ladies, we all know that red spots and irritation after shaving is a nightmare. If we can send people to the moon – should we not be able to create products that prevent red spots after shaving in the bikini area? The revolution you have been looking for is finally here. We have put our heart and souls into this project and are very proud to present a 3-step shaving process that minimizes irritation and soothes the skin after shaving.
Check out our video guide for a silky shave!


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De vanligaste orsakerna till vaginalt obehag





Vit luktlös kesoliknande flytning

Har man haft svamp tidigare, går det bra att behandla med receptfria läkemedel. Första gången symptom fås – sök läkare.

Bakteriell vaginos

Illaluktande flytning som är tunn och gråaktig och påminner om skämd fisk.

Observera att det inte finns någon evidens på att tamponger med laktobaciller eller receptfria surgörande vaginalgel/vagitorier har någon effekt vid bateriell vaginos. Sök därför läkare.


STD är ett generellt begrepp för sexuellt överförbara infektioner med olika symptom, där illaluktande flytningar kan vara en av dom.

Uppsök läkare.

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